Who are we?

Is 1990 Agency a digital marketing agency?
No! We are more than that. We use digital media as a tool to enhance our creativity and help our clients’ brand connecting to their customers and increasing sales.
To us, digital marketing is not just our 9 to 5. It is our passion, our lifestyle and air. With an a team of experts and masters in marketing and many other related field, we want to offer our client the best experiences.
We desire to be the lead in digital marketing field by the way we develop your brand in the digital environment.

Logo 1990

1990: Is a group of twenty-something people that active, flexible and creative are in our blood.

The rotating circle: circle is the symbol of continuous motion and infinite. In 1990 Angency, it visualize the motto: “Creative ideas have no limits where creativity is endless”

Red: Is the color of enthusiastic and passion. We are always on fire to heat up your brand.

White: To us, white is the most creative color. Because every masterpiece is start from a blank piece of paper, 1990 Agency can turn your campaign from zero into hero.

Gray: Is the mixture of black and white. It can be seen as a common point of two opposite aspects. Therefore, 1990 Agency always has the balance between imagination and reality in every project we do.

Service process

  • 01
    step 1: Listening and Understanding
    We will ask, listen and gather as much as possible information about your brand on the daywe met (from style to tone). And at that time,our brief is born.
  • 02
    step 2: Brainstorming
    We begin communicating, discussing, and even arguing with each other to bring out the brightest ideas – that will light up your brand.
  • 03
    step 3: Sketching
    On countless papers, we will quickly and carefully shaping, planning, developing the concept. That’s when the ideas are no longer in our head. Yes, we will walk with YOU to make these ideas come to the table. But it’s only the beginning stages of your brand…
  • 04
    step 4: Presenting
    Once we’ve identified the big ideas that deliver, we will develop it further and continue focus on strategic direction. We will meet again, only at that time, you will make a decision to choose out ONE BIG FINAL option.
  • 05
    step 5: Finishing – Completion
    At this stage, the ONE BIG FINAL option you have chosen will officially come to life.