Online Seeding

1990 Agency can spread word of your business by word of mouth. If you are looking for someone that is expert in creating an organic looking buzz, 1990 Agency has a staff of rising stars in the seeding field that will be happy to help.


Google Adwords (SEM)

This is the most effective way to promote your product and grow your business. Your ads will appear to motivated customers who are searching for the products and ready to make a purchase.
1990 Agency has recruited a team with members who have been trained by Google. Together we will get your brand in front of potential customers to optimize your marketing budget and maximize your profits.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

1990 Agency helps your website obtaining a high-ranking placement on Google, which will increase the amount of visitor to your site, together with the number of potential customers. Our mission is to take your brand and products from zero to hero in the eye of Google.


SMS / Email Marketing

With our professional team and modern tools, we help our clients to effectively send Marketing SMS/Email to their potential customers in a personal and professional way. This is by far a cost-saving solution. We can also measure how many people that your brand can reach and engage.


Facebook Management/ Advertising

1990 Agency is trusted by many partners in different types of business such as education, medical, fashion, etc., to manage and develop their Facebook content. We also spread brand message on social media to reach their customer on Facebook, Instagram… We can help you increase your efficiency, reduce wasted time and optimize your marketing budget.