What is Google adwords advertising?

Google’s search engine is currently stored position one rankings all search engines most popular được information. Every day billions of people have google search for information and to satisfy 80% of the search. With the over 70% of customers use search engines for reference information for purchase decisions and 92% of chúng used Google.

Therefore, advertising on google days or be as popular and attractive, it help information of work to be with the customers table quickly charcoal one never before.

So Google adwords advertising is what?

Adwords is from stands for “Keyword Advertising” keyword advertising means again. Thus, google adwords is one commercial service of Google that allows customers to buy những or text-based ads in the search results pictures or the site doing all Google partner offers.

Google AdWords ads appear on the first position of the first page of search results together with advertising signs [Ad] English or [QC] Vietnamese customers search on keywords.


Google Adwords advertising if it would be beneficial?

1. Display the first page out on the front page of search results: the potential to help customers easily see the message of the business, from mà site also helps you position the higher coal other sites.

2. Reach customers with the abundant resources, Google have 100 billion each month search of the world and 70% of users use google daily Vietnam.

3. The message of the ad can change the fast, whenever you can change the Message of advertising, and only after 15 minutes would be Shown a new message.

4. High efficiency khi just low cost: Ads only appear on search những customers as brand or keyword associated products and services of the company. Synonymous as the customers would take the initiative to visit the search site những information and purchase products online.

5. The ability to accurately measure: Difference Between online advertising channels as well as Google AdWords ads to traditional advertising channels with the measurement is accurate thể entries you set up the initial target. Google AdWords offers 50 coal with the full report raw numbers associated contracts related activities from the overall Google ads every campaign (campaign), to detail each set of keywords (ad group), per the keyword (keyword ), each advertisement (ad copy), each geographical domain zone (geographical) … you directions to.

1990agency_qcgoogleGoogle uses three forms for charging adwords ads as follows:

Google would charge according to the number of ad clicks (CPC). Nghia is with each click on the ad of you, google would collect one certain fee.
Based on the number of times all displays or advertising of you be shown (CPM) based on mà to google would charge.
Based on everyone to change or if specific action on your site after clicking on one of you of những advertising of you (CPA).


Over here is the basic concept of mà Google Adwords 1990 Will continue to share all coal-depth article on google ads Adwords out all pole period.

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